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Atletico`s president: `Camp Nou` applauded us in the title, we can not forget it

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Atletico Madrid president Enrique Serreso tried to lower the tension before the big derby against Barcelona tonight.Wanda Metropolitano`s meeting is awaiting great interest not only for the ambitions of the two teams to withdraw the title from Real Madrid but also because of the political situation in the country after the referendum to separate Catalunya from Spain.This will be Barca`s first visit to the capital after the referendum, and many see the upcoming match predicted by football tips as the political demonstration arena.Serreso hopes this will not happen.

The country is experiencing difficult times given what is happening in Barcelona.But I know that our fans are very well aware that politics is one and football is quite another.As a club, we are only interested in sports and do not want to participate in any kind of campaigning.We are waiting for a football match, not a political demonstration, `said Athletico President.

When we won the Camp Nou in 2014, the whole stadium was applauding us.We can not forget that, recall Serezo.

He admitted that Barca had requested 1000 tickets for his supporters, but Atletico had given the Catalans only 250 omissions because of his commitment to his own fans.

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