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The popular Football Manager computer game so much has conquered the minds of gamers that it even managed to fool the people of the Bolivian Football Federation.From her, they understood that Montpellier`s young midfielder Ruben Aguilar had a Bolivian passport along with his French.So, a few weeks ago, without ever checking the information, they contacted him to invite him to the national team.

The 24-year-old racer was more than surprising because in fact he had nothing to do with Bolivia.They called me, it was strange.This game analyzed by questions for fix football predictions said I had dual citizenship, but that is not the case.Otherwise, Bolivian fans were writing and I was wondering why they did, said Aguilar. In fact, the footballer really has another nationality - Spanish, because his father is from there.

Football Manager confessed their mistake and promised to correct it in its new 2018 edition, which will be available in the market in a month`s time.

Blog of fix football tips