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Theater from Suarez or pure chance?

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With the approach of the end of last night`s match between Barcelona and Girona, the behavior of Luis Suarez and Jordi Alba was caught. The Catalans kept confidently with 6:1, and as if the two hosts decided to launch a special plan. Before this game, they had four yellow cards in La Liga, and a penalty was imposed on the fifth.

AS and Suarez and Alba have tried to make official warnings so they can be punished for the fight with the falling Las Palmas in a week and are therefore clean for the far more important clash with the second Atletico Madrid afterthis.

And while Alba managed to score a card - for a seemingly unnecessary retention of opponents in the 87th minute, things did not happen at Suarez. At least in two cases, the attacker caught Girona`s competitors, but the arbiter did not mind.

UEFA recently punished Daniel Carvalhal of Real Madrid for similar behavior. At a Champions League meeting this autumn, the defender delayed his touch to visit APOEL (Nicosia) when the score was 6:0 in favor of the kings and ran the last minute. Then the referee gave him a card, but UEFA decided that it was deliberate and imposed a further sanction of two more matches according football predictions archive because of which he was not on the pitch against Paris Saint-Germain two weeks ago.

Now we have to see if the Spanish League is going to take something in the mood. In principle, in the local championship, sanctions are imposed only on the judge`s report, not on video. In many statistics, Suarez already has five yellow cards in La Liga, but this is not true because one of his November games was canceled after an appeal. However, this is not reflected everywhere

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