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The Korean kicker deprived the Chargers of surprise in Denver

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Referee Yunho Co deprives LA Chargers of an epic victory at Denver`s visit.The lightning was lagging behind with 17 points at the start of the final according football partners quarter and was ahead of the sequel when the Korean stood for a 44-yard fialdo.His foul was accurate, but the play was canceled due to a time-out by the host.His second attempt was blocked and Denver won with 24:21.
In the other Monday`s game Minnesota broke the return of Adrian Peterson.The legend of the Vikings ran only 18 yards at the loss of New Orleans with 19:29.Sam Bradford handed out 346 yards and three touchdowns to Minnesota, and Deputy CEO Dalwin Kooke debuted 127 yards by land and three rebounds for 10 yards.

New England -;Kansas City 27: 42

Buffalo -;NJJ 21: 12

Chicago -;Atlanta 17: 23

Cincinnati -;Baltimore 0: 20

Cleveland -;Pittsburgh 18: 21

Detroit -;Ariz. 35: 23

Tennessee -;Oakland 16: 26

Washington -;Philadelphia 17: 30

Houston -;Jackson 7: 29

LA Rems -;Indianapolis 46: 9

Green Bay -;Seattle 17: 9

San Francisco -;Carol 3: 23

Dallas -;NY Giants 19: 3

Minnesota -;New Orleans 29: 19

Denver -;LA Chargers 24:21

Blog of fix football tips