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Salah:Let`s not arrogant, but I expected to score a lot of goals

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One of the strongest players in England since the start of the season - Mohamed Salah, feels happy in Liverpool and motivated to win with the reds. Today, in the British media, quotes appeared from his interview with the popular magazine FourFourTwo. At the same time, the Spanish newspaper Marca published an extensive interview with the Egyptian Fury. Let it not be arrogant, but I expected to score a lot of goals, he told FourFourTwo.

I have entered the history of Merseyside with the fastest 20 entries in the Premier League. So far, the African has 28 goals in all tournaments. When I was in Rome, I felt good. I spent two good seasons there. I always try to take every opportunity. I`m deliberately put under pressure because I want more. Three years ago I was unable to play for Chelsea. I went back to England to show my football. I think I`m doing well, `said the shooter in front of the magazine. Since I`ve always wanted to play for Liverpool. I knew the story and as soon as you got the chance I took advantage. We will do everything from ourselves to win a trophy. That is and will always be our goal, he said for FourFourTwo. I feel very good when playing on the right flank. I can play as a ten as an offensive but I prefer to be right, he revealed in the interview for Marca.

Harry Kane is a great footballer, he has already been the Premier League scorer. He plays as ninety and has a greater chance of becoming a top scorer. However, I want to take away this distinction. We will see what happens in the last matches, Mo Salah told the Spanish edition. I certainly do not want Coutinho. He was my friend, a very nice guy. I wish him all the best in Barcelona because he is an amazing football player, very classy. As a man he is very calm. I`m proud to have played with him, `said the Egyptian in front of Marca.

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