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Bad luck for Freiburg: they broke the beams, they broke the coach

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The Freiburg players themselves caused damage to the Schalke 04 match, which lost 0-1. In the 62nd minute, their former team-mate Daniel Kaljudjuri fired sharply in the diagonal, and the ball deflected Christian Gunther`s body, defeating goalkeeper Aleksandr Svolov for the match. Previously, Bartos Capuska and Nils Petersen fired at the beams, failing to bring home the lead. There was a comical moment in the 10th minute when Freiburg`s striker Yankee Haberrer accidentally left the terrain and fought in the body of his own coach, Cristian Streich, causing him a shoulder injury.

Freiburg has only one success in 11 rounds and only in front of Werder (Bremen) and Cologne. Meanwhile, the Gelsenkirchen miners are now fourth, taking advantage of the loss of Hanover 96 against the Leipzig.



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