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Leonardo is happy for Inter

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The former mentor of Inter Milan Leonardo said that he likes the current team of the Nerazzurri and thinks they have a chance to achieve something this season. The team of Luciano Spalletti launched with three wins from three matches, which raised the mood of the fans.

`I didn`t expect Inter to look like that, but I am happy for the team and even though there is no way to put it directly among the favorites for the title, I think it has something to show.`, said the Brazilian in front of the Italian press.

Leonardo had been a player of AC Milan for five seasons and then became the coach of the Rossoneri. Later, however, he caused quite a stir with his decision to accept the offer to become a mentor of Inter.

`At the moment, Juventus is still the favorite, but the Nerazzurri have a solid lineup. They do not have some great champions in their ranks, but they are a team of physically healthy players who keep the requirements of Spalletti. Ivan Perisic is the most important competitor at the team who makes the difference. To me, he is no 10, who acts on the wing. His quickness is extraordinary. Mauro Icardi scores goals, but Perisic is amazing!`, added Leonardo.

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