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Atletes is uncomplicated because of man with incredible salvation

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Atletico Madrid has a huge goalkeeper! This phrase was uttered not by anyone. It came out of the mouth of Luis Suarez himself, who lives in a constant duel with the gatekeepers all over the world. The Uruguayan definitely knows what he is talking about.
Against Barcelona, the Slovenian goalkeeper put on his shoulders a lobster roach for whatever time. Neither was the first for this season, nor would it be the last one. The Cloud`s Way leads him from a supreme class demonstration to the next. He played a crucial role for his team in at least six games since the season.

Two Blasts in Extreme -;one just before the break, the other at the very end of the match. The first came against Porto, which prevented a third goal for the opponent and impossible in practice to turn 3: 0 in half, and the latter -;at 2: 2 in the 94th minute against Orelrenvajo Ayobami Kayode. The divine hand of the mattress guards allowed them to leave at least a point from Montilie`s visit.
A real nightmare for Jonathan Vieira. Athletes easily gained insight into the insidious visit to the Canary Islands, but the picture could be quite different if the Cloud had not contributed to the success in its typical way: with two super-saves. Both came against Vera, whose night was bitter.
In the first half the goalkeeper blocked by the defensive departed with one hand in the last possible moment the striker of the yellow striker, and at the very end he despaired by taking a penalty kick.

It was the day when the waiting for the debut of the new stadium ended. The day that Wanda Metropolitan had to celebrate with victory in all circumstances. And Jan Oblak gave his name in capital letters.
Yes, the obvious hero was the author of the winning first goal of los rohiblancos in their new home -;Antoine Grossman, but the triumph would have been impossible without the giant guardsman of the madrid. He put his magic hands into action: first against Borgue Baston after half an hour, and finally against Diego Roland in the last minute of the game.

We have already mentioned the words of Luis Suarez after the surprise on Saturday. The Cloud was a six-bailout against Ernesto Valverde`s footballers, convincing leaders in the La Liga provisional stand-by, with a full hold.
After all, Suarez managed to overcome the Slovenian fortress and give at least a point to his own, but at two earlier times he hit like a wall in the home of the hosts. In the first case, Cloud fished with a fist of the Uruguayan who had escaped from Diego Godin, and in the second, the winner came in a direct eye-to-eye battle with Barca`s gaffer.

Three great interventions to save one point. Leganes players will have spent the night after the game, dreaming nightmares featuring the Cloud.
The goalkeeper made sure Athletes did not leave empty-handed Butarque. First, a heavy shot from Nobile El Jarre`s shot, shortly after a precise shot of the same striker of the rival, and when the match went into its final by today football tips phase, North Ambrabart centering turned and the Slovenian watchman came back on stage to

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