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A whole stadium against 250 Catalans - waiting for a crazy evening in Madrid

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Only 250 fans of Barcelona will be able to support the team at the Atletico Madrid visit on Saturday night (21:45) in the championship of the 8th round of La Liga. And attention to the match is not only focused on the sport-technical part, but also because of the past referendum on the separation of Catalunya from Spain. These 68, 000 viewers are expected to turn the Wanda Metropolitano into a sea of Spanish flags, and Viva Espana (from Spanish: Living Spain) to chant as never before.

In principle, guests have claimed 1, 000 tickets for their supporters, but the hosts have logistical problems, so they can only give up 250 of the coupons.

It is clear to everyone that this football match mentioned by online football stream will become a clash of two ideas - the only one of the country and the independence of Catalonia. As it is known, the authorities in Madrid gave the Cabinet of Catalonia a deadline until Monday to clarify its position on the declaration of independence.

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