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Breakdown of NFL ratings following Sunday demonstrations

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TV ratings of NFL games predicted by contact football tips marked Sunday`s fall in mass protests.Late Washington Match -;Auckland was watched by 12.9% of the audience a year earlier in the same time zone in the same week of the season.The Fox Dune in the Tennessee Afternoon Belt -;Seattle dropped 16%, while CBS retained the 2016 levels. The only winners this weekend are ESPN, who scored their biggest audience on Monday Night Football for 2017 in Dallas`s victory with 28:17 againstArizona.

The US president commented on Twitter that the reason for the outflow of the audience is the disrespect of players to the national flag.`Many have been bothering the protesters, who were a small part of the game, and the fans want respect for the country`s symbols, NFL has to give it to them, while their ratings will not suffer,` commented the US Commander.The White House has urged team owners to `sack anyone who has continued to protest publicly during the performance of the national anthem,` but did not take into account that two of them (Jerry Jones and Robert Kraft), who were among the serious donorslast year, atthat turned against him.Jones knelt on the pitch in Phoenix on Monday with Dallas players while Kraft publicly denounced his comments.

Butter in the fire poured the Oakland Market King.The only black player in the NFL post published on the social networks that the US president had begun an attack on the League for the collapse of the USFL in the 80s of the last century.He was then the owner of New Jerry General, but after the NFL reunification plan failed, he was among the initiators of antitrust lawsuit.In 1990, the Supreme Court awarded the USFL $ 3,76.


San Francisco;LA Rems 39: 41
Jacksonville -;Baltimore 44: 7
Buffalo -;Denver 26: 16
Chicago -;Pittsburgh 23:17 prod.
Detroit -;Atlanta 26: 30
Indianapolis -;Cleveland 31: 28
Minnesota -;Tampa Bay 34: 17
New England -;Houston 36: 33
NY Jets -;Miami 20: 6
Philadelphia;NY Giants 27: 24
Carolina -;New Orleans 13: 34
Tennessee -;Seattle 33: 27
Green Bay -;Cincinnati 27:24 Prod.
LA Chargers -;Kansas City 10: 24

Washington -;Oakland 27:10
Arizona -;Dallas 17:28

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